These Installation art works are a combination of elements that make up my work using found plastics. Contemporary environmental art installation, made from found plastic objects, nylon rope and stainless steel.

The “Lode” sculpture was a work from my hanging installation series, which evolved very naturally. It originated from a tightly bound fisherman’s netting which I found on the north coast beaches. As I worked with this in the studio it began to take the shape of a large rectangle which at first had many holes in it. I mended all of those holes and began to draw it together and saw that it naturally started to take the shape of a kind of bee hive. It was in this shape that I began to put sturofoam and white plastic objectsthat I had found on the beaches over the years. I was amazed to see the sculpture take on is such a significant shape as the one that it did, because it naturally followed the contours of of a bee hive. In many ways this is also how the other works from my hanging installation series came about. Quite accidentally as an  evolving process.

Recycled art created from plastics collected from Australian beaches.

2 m x 1.3 m

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