I contacted you some two weeks ago for an interview request for my Art History assignment. I researched all your interviews, videos and reviews and I would still like to address you few questions. I hope that would be OK with you, I understand how busy you are, but I just did not want to give up the idea of interviewing you. I feel very inspired by your work, your message and the power and energy of your work. Here are the questions:

1. How did your long painting practice influence your environmental pieces?

Totally, in that my whole aesthetic decision making comes from my years as a painter, includes composition, colour, line etc.

2. I know how you moved from painting into another direction, how do you feel about that more then ten years later?

I’m used to it by now. I just keep growing and changing with the developments in my studio.
It also takes a good degree of courage and determination…

3. Colours are obviously very important for you and your work, are you considering painting techniques when you are arranging all the plastic bits by colours for your compositions?

Absolutely. I’m always guided my a kind of dumb intelligence that I’ve garnered over the years as a painter.
Also my newer paintings have been in turn affected (I think positively) by my found object works.

4. Painting followed by found objects then painting again, are you looking already for what will come after that in your career? Are you searching for another medium or you are opened for another artistic accident like the one in 1997?

This is already happening. I never really go on the lookout for new forms of expression. I see they just come up as I’m in my process in the studio.
In fact my studio is currently being used for a whole new series of sculptures….

5. How would you advice an emerging artist to approach the art scene in today’s difficult social, political and economical context?

Have a good degree of courage and determination…