Promoting Art

Promoting art isn’t so much about the art itself as the issue or feeling the art speaks to. So what drives you to create art? For me, it’s often oneness with humanity and ecological concerns. For you it may be different, but whatever gets you going is the key to exciting audiences and successfully promoting your art.

Artists Help On Obstacles In Your Career

Often, an artist’s help doesn’t look like artist’s help at all. In fact, it sometimes looks like disaster. Selling problems, creative integrity slips, even having your studio reduced to smoking cinders – whatever the setback, it can be an outward reminder to turn inward and rise from the ashes in a spectacular new way.

Reflections On Art Success.

What does art success mean? Fame? Fortune? Or does it go deeper than that? It depends on who you are and what you want as an artist, but I think true art success is more than finances and face-time – and I learned that from a three year-old.

Easy Steps to Sell Your Art

I can provide a list of business advice points for artists as a guideline help prompt artists to remember in a few easy steps how to be clear with business.
I can help you create an effective and a proven varied income stream as a wealth creation for artists through creating artist’s products for sale on the Internet through teaching a principle called the Parthenon principal.

Making a Difference with Art

In essence, this is my way of making a difference. At the same time I’m sharing a positive message about beauty and what can be gained from the aesthetic experience of appreciating this work, as well as giving examples of how we can recycle and reuse and look at the environment in creative ways.

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