Artist Success

Art Revelations #1: Personal Transformation And Resolution

I found my own unique way through both my creativity and by developing an inner awareness. In order to have a form of creativity that is largely free of self-obsessive angst and tragedy, it has been necessary for me to work on my own personal growth. This has been tremendous through resolving issues that are essentially outside the creative process.

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Transcending Fear

You will naturally have challenges on a career-based level with finances or with your need to go outside your comfort level when making particular decisions. You will need to take risky business decisions, which will require you to transcend fear in order to have them become successful ones. After all, what‘s the point in being an artist, a creator, if you are not willing to confront your fears? You may as well hang wallpaper.

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Envisioning The Future

Once you put the thought together as an idea you send it out to the universe. In some way or another you end up creating your own reality, so why not have a clear picture of what you want and why, and then afterwards, see what comes. A far better way to live than stumbling through random offerings from existence because you weren’t smart enough to create it yourself.

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Taking Risks

Artists are not taught to consider these things either at most art schools and universities, and more often than not they are not taught these skills by their parents, either by having dysfunctional childhoods in the first place which may be one of the main reasons why they became artists, or because they rebelled against their parents and any positive business sense teachings their parents were offering.

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Developing Confidence As An Artist #4

It’s always good to remember why you became an artist in the first place, or why you wanted to study art and to remember to have fun in the process of making your art this will help you to stay fresh. Just begin somewhere and see where it goes. Some of the problem originates with how tedious you become with the preparation of the surface upon which you are going to work.

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