An artist’s self-discovery

I think it’s a great journey and I’ve been immensely nourished and continue to be nourished through my own practice as a meditator and one who is involved in my own sense of personal growth. This is also as I mentioned supported by my art practice, where I see the necessity to create art that is essentially silent at its core, suggesting a certain meditative quality in its very being. Not all artworks are capable of having this essence, however the intention is there with every work that I create.

Root idea for environmental art.

From those early days of making these wall based assemblages, the whole process orientation took shape which was to guide me through many twists and turns in my creativity, which had me exploring many mediums in the found object genre including sculpture, installation, public art, digital printing and a return to painting.

Can we live without art or is it an intrinsic part of our physique?

This also has correlation with mankind today on some levels, as we see that those people who live reasonably affluent lives, are generally more inclined to appreciate art and are more likely the kind of people who do not wish to live without art. It seems all through history it has been like this, with the more wealthy elements in our society appreciating and fostering artistic endeavours.

Artists working with an action plan.

Your work in the studio is something completely different. The success that you have with the work that you create in your studio will stand alone by itself, you will either have successful breakthroughs which will make your work stand out or not; only time will tell. However, to get your work out there into galleries, in front of the general public and collectors, will need you to in some way, develop a systematic approach and to develop a systematic approach you will need an action plan.

The Artist and Persistence

You must remember that everything in life happens in cycles. You will have highs and lows in your career. Successful individuals are the ones who persevere and don’t get swallowed up by any negativity that the lows can bring.

The artist and credit card debt

I can tell you many stories of my own experience with this, having also gone into the cycle of using one credit card to prop up repayments on another one, etc. etc. It’s very easy to get caught up in this kind of behaviour, especially when credit is so easy to attain and if you are going through a lean period with sales.

Public Speaking: The right educators.

You need to understand that when you are standing in front of an audience delivering a lecture, making a public speaking engagement, you are selling whatever it is you’re speaking about. You don’t want people to get up and walk out after five minutes, so bearing that in mind, you want them to buy what it is that you are selling or talking about.

Public Speaking: Defining your topic as a public speaker # 2.

In one sense your topic is already defined. How do you make yourself unique given that the above is true? It is important to remember that whether you’re an artist, a student, a bureaucrat in the arts industry, everyone has their own unique story to tell, this is simply because everyone is different and has had different life experiences that brings them to the point where they are in their lives. That said, everybody is in a unique situation when they have to define their topic. In the following few sentences, I am going to be giving you a quick rundown on simple direct ways to define your topic.

Public Speaking: The absolute power of metaphors.

You can find your own metaphors, which serve your speaking engagement best. Once you have these in place you can weave the stories into a few as an introduction. This is called stacking. It’s a very effective way of bringing messages home and engaging your audience right from the outset. I might begin a lecture for example, using the metaphor about the “X” factor, followed on shortly afterwards via the “Fast track highway to success”, just to really strengthen the message that I’m trying to convey.

Public Speaking

Public speaking essentially is about the “Art of speaking”. Muscles control your voice. You must warm up the muscles before you exercise, we may strain or damage them. Keep this in mind because it’s a very, very good way to start a lecture or to start any form of public presentation.

Press Releases

If you live in a town or suburb where there are only two or three newspapers or magazines, pitch to your favourite one or at least to the newspaper and the magazine which you feel will best suit your ends. Make a connection with the editor if possible and let them know that you won’t be sending the same information out to their competition. If you do this you’re more likely to have a published verbatim alongside the excellent quality photograph you submit along with the media release.

Writing Art Books

In many ways the creation of the “Monumental Environmental Artwork” has been on a par with the writing of this book, simply because of the enormity of the project. Originally my intention was to write three small volumes about insights into the creative...

An Artists Studio Fire and the Shedding of Identity # 2

It is not necessary for all artists to have to experience such a dramatic incident as having a fire in a studio to bring about a major change in their outlook on life. Some artists instinctively do this simply in the process of their work in the studio. This is just how it happened from there and it left an indelible imprint, which has continued to this day.

An artist’s influences, desires and ambitions # 3

My art school days were exciting right from the start. I met many amazing people, both students and lecturers. I created deep friendships and as fate would have it, I ended up in a five-year tumultuous relationship with the very same young woman that I met in the cafe the year before. Her name was Barbara and she was beautiful. Just what a young man fresh out of the confines of a four-year stint at an all boys boarding school needed.

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